Chapter 16: A Good Hair Day/The Pancreatic Tales

December 29, 2016….5:30 PM

Thank you Vicki S. for sending me this…

Folks, I urge you to read this. Please. For me. And for others who have or are going through this.

This is written by an oncology nurse, who was recently diagnosed herself with cancer.

It is more powerful than anything I can express, or have expressed. It had me crying. It has me crying even writing this to you.

So, please. Many of you ask me what you can do for me. Read this….though I may ask you for other things, too. 🙂

“When Lindsay Norris was diagnosed with cancer, she was numb, scared and shocked… but never once gave up hope. The young mother and wife is a oncology nurse, and never expected the diagnosis to fall on her shoulders. She spent her days consoling and counseling hundreds of patients and reassuring their hopes for a future… but getting cancer changed her perspective forever. Lindsay recently took to the internet to let her former patients know that she now understood the way they felt… and encourage them all over again. Check out her powerful words below.”


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